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Reading material & spreadsheets

ProcessUtilities Help image.PNG
ProcessUtilities help file

Comprehensive PDF documentation for Process Utilities. It's all in here.

Getting started

A quick overview of some of Process Utilities' most useful features.


ProcessUtilites V2.0 picture.png
Updates for Version 2.0

An overview of the major changes in Version 2.0 (Dec. 2018).


Installation instructions

Brief PDF installation instructions.


ProcessUtilities Examples picture.png
Spreadsheet of examples from help file

This spreadsheet contains all the examples that are used in the PDF help document.



Official trailer

Coming to a PC near you...

Installation video

This two-minute video guides you through downloading and installing Process Utilities on your computer.

Coming soon picture.png
The Conv function

Unit conversions aren't the most interesting thing we do as engineers, but they are part of almost every calculation. Learn how the Conv function streamlines spreadsheet problem solving and reduces errors.

Coming soon picture.png
TConv and PConv functions

Learn how the TConv and PConv functions differ from the the Conv function and how to use them for converting between temperature scales and gauge/absolute pressures.

Coming soon picture.png
MW and CountAtom functions

Learn how to work with molecular formulas in Excel using the MW and CountAtom functions.

Coming soon picture.png
Using the Export Utility

Learn how to use the Export Utility to extract ProcessUtilities functions and constants from you spreadsheets, so that your spreadsheets can be accessed by users without the ProcessUtilities add-in.

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